Monday, September 13, 2010

on leave for 2 days due to renovation (House Upgrading)
busy online surfing wedding tips

realised that just only preparation for ROM is not that easy
or should i say every single thing is not easy at all

set our ROM lunch on 1/1/11
the very first day of 2011

looking for civil servant to help me book chalet
at a special/privilige rate so that we can save more
for our wedding dinner

i know it kinda hard as it is a public holidays

is there any kind hearted who can help me book?

Thursday, July 08, 2010

2nd months to my probation
one more month to end it
seriously, i really enjoyed my new job
and i love the people there

i must say there is not much political
and i am well taken care by so many seniors
including my manager and GM

this is really my first time feeling so loved by them
working with them is so much fun
i meant it when i say working

i used to think that working is just to spend time off
i just hoped that the time, the day can past faster
but no matter how hard i wish for,
it never come true and the time still went on so slow
slow until i hate my job so much
less nonsense, more work, more complaint, and more stressed

but now, working here make me realised that time really well spent
with less stressed, more friends
they are the one showing their true colors of themselves
and not faking out to show that they cared


Monday, May 31, 2010

first day of the week
and i am really not feeling well
still under probation but i took half day

GM just came back from china
and he is having meeting with all the managers
i sat under my desk as i do not want others to find out
that i am sick

out of sudden, i vomited
and thanks god, i have a good colleague quickly rushed to my desk

she bought me a super hot water

my cramps was really unbearable
i cant take the pain at all

when my manager came out, i vomited twice

shit! i vomited thrice time
why my cramp hurt me so much this month?

i hate cramp!
why my 2 sis do not feel anything when they have period?
why i feel so badly every month?
i hate period!
i hate being a lady
i am suffering the pain
please stop my pain!

Monday, May 10, 2010

had been working in my new company for one week
and i must say the good thing first
that is i can save on my transport,
there will be a pickup bus for us

the bad things are...
majority of the website is 'Access Denied'
its really very bored without internet access
how am i going to survive it?

and working hours are damn early
sometimes i just sleep less than 5 hours
i must say i very very sleepy at work

but.. compared to my previous job
this job is lesser stressed, bigger company
and more aunties
topics to me is such a 'no-related' to my life
i mean now..

here and there always the same topic-my children
how am i going to communicate with them?
i have no experience being a mummy
i only have experience in taking care of my 2 precious

how long will i be survive in this company?

Monday, March 29, 2010

seriously, which would you choose? family? friends?
for some people they will choose friends because they don't have a warmth family
but what if someone has a warmth family and still they choose friends?

is friend her most important people instead of her own family?
FAMILY - Father And Mother I Love You

forget it, there is no point for some people who don't treasure their own family
and is a waste of my time and saliva talking to this type of people

if she thinks that gossip about others is so much fun, go ahead
don't blame people who does this to you
the world is round
don't expect people to treat you well if you are not treating yourself well

all i can say is I HAVE DONE MY PART !!
i used cap locks just in case you have cock eyes

just do your own soul searching before you shout at others
you're not doing anything except gossiping

office politics is you this type of people
who goes around gossiping
please lahs, do your part !

Friday, March 12, 2010

back again for a quick update

first, i have to wish my precious boy
times fly fast and he is now 5years old
it means to say my beloved mum left us 5years ago

recalled back..
he was brought back by my dad during his birthday
when he was 2months old
and we took it as my dad's birthday present

my mum strongly disagreed about feeding a puppy
cause it really needs a lot of time to take care of him
and of course, it costs a lot

this puppy of mine soon accepted by my mum
maybe he is too adorable

i remembered clearly..
one night, my mum woke up and called for him
(i don't know why my mum looked for him)
and in my heart, i told myself that hopefully she could not find him
cause at that point of time, my mum don't like him
so so... i fell asleep and i don't know what happened next

the days my mum passed away, we brought him to my mum's wake
just hoped that my mum would be able to talk to him
as i knew that dogs have special 'eyes'
just took it as accompanied my mum for her last journey
maybe this way my mum won't feel bored

without fail, for the 5days, he slept beside her wake
and what made me heartpain was that he did not eat much
he cried, i meant it when i said he cried
he has tearing eyes for don't know how many days
i knew clearly that dogs know what is happening

the same year, on christmas, xiao bai was given away by my dad's friend
and my dad brought her back
yes, we have 2 adorable 'best friends'

i really not regretted on the decision my dad brought home
maybe i must say thank you to my dad
for having such a wonderful 'best friends'

anyway, every year on 10 MARCH, we are celebrating his birthday
seriously, i never forget this day before
cause i have to appreciate them for accompany us
maybe this special day is more important than my own birthday


Friday, February 12, 2010

heys, i am back again
times really fly damn fast
tomorrow is CNY eve
time is getting nearer and nearer
anyway, face the fact, face the time, face the reality
what is more i can say now?

being staying since the start of February
have not been studying much due to late night sleep
after holidays, i will start to study
but will i have enough time to study 3 modules?
wish me goodluck in this exam

anyway, an early wishing to everyone
hoped you enjoy yourself